About Jay Palter

Jay Palter is a social media consultant and strategist specializing in developing personal brands online. An avid blogger and web content curator, he maintains several blogs (including jaypalter.ca, homemadedad.caand Newish in Edmonton). As an active father and "primary parent" to 3 kids, Jay is committed to expanding the domestic roles and responsibilities of dads—starting with his own role in his own family. You can find him on Twitter at @jaypalter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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Never Stop Doing What You Love

You are what you do. Do what you love.

Experience or Intuition: A Dad’s Dilemma

Do dads have intuition about sick kids, or do they use their knowledge, experience, and data analysis? Is there a difference?

A Homemade Egg Salad Sandwich

It’s the little things you lose control over when you go back to working outside the home.

8 Lessons Social Media Taught Me About Being a Better Parent (Interactive Multimedia Version)

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Building Self-Esteem as a Primary Parent

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My New Title: Primary Parental Unit

Jay Palter has searched for a title that describes his role in the family, and finally settled on one. For now.

The Joy of the Solo Roadtrip

A vehicle and an open road. A destination without a fixed itinerary. Why does this excite Jay Palter so?

One-on-One Time With Your Kids is Good For the Soul

Jay Palter explains why it’s crucial to have one-on-one alone time with each of your children.

Modern Family Makes Great Family Viewing

Contrary to popular opinion, Jay Palter believes that watching television can sometimes be a great family activity.