About JD Roberto

JD Roberto is a writer, actor, and the Emmy nominated host of The Better Show, a nationally syndicated daytime talk show seen around the country. Game show fans known him from shows like The Price is Right and Shop 'Til You Drop, plus reality shows like Outback Jack, Are You Hot? and E! News Live. His writing has appeared in Parents Magazine, Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times and on theBump.com. Check out his parenting blog at The Hands On Dad and follow him on twitter @jdroberto.

My Midlife Crisis

JD Roberto reflects on waking up one day and asking, “Whoa, how the hell did I get all the way over here?”

Nature vs Nuture: Neither and Both

Can we really mold and shape our kids into the compassionate, successful, kind, creative, human beings we desperately want them to be? Or are they just who they are for better and worse?

What’s Wrong with Winning?

JD Roberto questions the accepted wisdom of our youth sports world, in which we are told to tell our children that it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.

The End

What do we do when we know we are going to die? Look to Sam Simon for inspiration.

7 Reasons You Should Not Read This Article

JD Roberto has a few things to say about list articles.

Relationship Status: It’s (Not) Complicated

JD Roberto insists that the whole idea of a “complicated” relationship is a just a refusal to take responsibility.

Happy Kids Are Overrated

JD Roberto explains that happiness is more than a moment.

Some Dos and Don’ts for People Without Kids When Dealing With Breeder Friends

“DO volunteer to help out with the kids. Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be ‘a kid person,’ and that’s okay. I don’t consider myself to be ‘a furniture person,’ but I still wouldn’t stand there and watch you move a couch all alone.”

25 Life Skills a Father Can Give His Son

What skills do you wish your father had taught you?

After Watertown, Can We Blame the Parents?

JD Roberto asks: What can the fathers of children lost in other American tragedies—Oklahoma City, Columbine—teach us in their responses to grief?

Your Baby Can’t Read

Claims that babies can read may be deceptive, according to an FCC investigation.

My Codependent Relationship

JD Roberto knows that his kids are going to grow up, and his heart will be broken.

Some Dos and Don’ts for People Without Kids When Dealing with Their Breeder Friends

You don’t have to be a “kid person” to remain our friends after we have kids, just a “friend person.”

This Is Wonderful News … Right?

This isn’t about how we feel down the road. This is about that first split second when we realize that everything we know is about to change for good.

Temper Tantrum Terrorists

Is your desire to avoid confrontation turning your kids into tantrum terrorists?

How Much Truth, How Soon?

What knowledge do you shield your kids from, and why?