About Jeremy Feist

Jeremy Feist is a columnist, model, comedian and TV personality from Toronto, Ontario. Oh, and one time he was a waiter too, but he kinda sucked at it, so whatever.

How the Internet Ruined Outrage

Jeremy Feist insists that progress comes not from screaming into the Internet echo chamber, but rather through open and vulnerable dialogue.

Cats are Evil and I Hate Them

When Jeremy Feist moved in with his partner, he knew he’d have to get used to living with a cat. He just didn’t realize that cats were truly this terrible.

Graduation Letter to My Younger Brother

In honor of his High School graduation, Jeremy Feist offers touching and hysterical advice to his younger brother on how to have a good and happy life.

The Girls Who Taught Me I Was Gay

Jeremy Feist waxes nostalgic about the girls he loved before he came out.

The Birds and The Bees and The Filthy, Filthy Bird-on-Bee Sex That Ensued

Like Adam and Steve before him, Jeremy Feist had been presented his own personal paradise, and he abandoned it in search of the knowledge of where babies come from.

It Gets Better… With Fists

Jeremy Feist isn’t proud of himself for having beat someone up, but he is proud of refusing to the the victim of a bully.