About Jesse Kornbluth

Jesse Kornbluth is is a New York-based writer and editor of HeadButler.com, a cultural concierge site he launched in 2004. As a magazine journalist, he has been a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, New York and Architectural Digest. As an author, his books include Airborne: The Triumph and Struggle of Michael Jordan; Highly Confident: The Crime and Punishment of Michael Milken and Pre-Pop Warhol. As a screenwriter, he has written for Robert De Niro, Paul Newman and PBS. On the Web, he co-founded Bookreporter.com. From 1997 to 2002, he was Editorial Director of America Online.

He Won the Pulitzer Prize In Poetry. He’s A Grad Student In…Non Fiction?

Jesse Kornbluth reviews grad student Greg Pardlo’s “Digest”.

V Is for Vegetables: Inspired Recipes & Techniques for Home Cooks — from Artichokes to Zucchini

When food becomes a spiritual experience…

Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

Jesse Kornbluth on the ideas of Shunryu Suzuki, the Zen monk responsible for bringing Zen to America, and how his ideas on Buddhism and Zen developed.

Josh Ritter: Sermon on the Rocks

He’s criss-crossing America, giving shows in 27 cities. Many will sell out. Don’t dawdle. Jesse Kornbluth on why you should check out Josh Ritter.

Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold

View image | gettyimages.com I don’t lose books. I lost this one. A few years ago, I bought “Chants of a Lifetime” in Los Angeles, got on the plane, read a few chapters, put it aside and walked off the plane without it. I realized right away I didn’t have it. But I didn’t go […]

“I’m bitter. I’m no sweetheart.’ Don’t Believe Him. The Novel Soars

Jesse Kornbluth on the metaphorical masterpiece that is Todd Walton’s Inside Moves.

All the Things We Never Knew: Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness

Jesse Kornbluth shares the interview with Sheila Hamilton, and discusses the suicide of her late husband.

A Book Club Asked for Suggestions. Jesse Kornbluth Shares His List

Jesse Kornbluth gives you a few genres and book selections you absolutely cannot miss. Club or no club.

Henning Mankell Died. Who? The Genius Who Wrote ‘Wallender’.

Henning Mankell is dead. Not a meaningful death to many of you. But worthy of note and a bowed head to those to read mysteries — or saw the magnificent “Wallender” series.

A Stand-Up Comedian. In India. In the 1400s.

View image | gettyimages.com Jesse Kornbluth on one of the world’s first funny-men. ______ Did you know there were stand-up comedians in India in the 1400s? Me neither — until I read Kabir. Why? Because Kabir was playing the greatest comic role of all — God’s own fool. Sacrilege! Why, this is one of India’s […]

Married Sex: An Excerpt

“It’s not cheating if your wife is there.” A chapter from Jesse Kornbluth’s new novel.

Lotta Cats Tried To Play Like Him. Ain’t Nobody Done It Yet.

I first read “Young Man With a Horn” when I was 10. I read it again at 12. At 14. At 22. Every few few years it still gives me a pleasurable evening. You don’t have to love jazz or the Jazz Age to adore this book, you just have to love a great story that gives you a movie you make as you read.

Somerset Maugham: Cakes and Ale

This week Jesse Kornbluth is revisiting some of the culture that influenced him as I wrote “Married Sex.” Perhaps the greatest was Somerset Maugham, who was, for a time, the world’s highest paid writer. There was a good reason: He wrote in the first person, like someone talking to a friend. In “Cakes and Ale,” Maugham not only does that, he doesn’t condemn a woman for liking sex. Three cheers for all of that.

James Salter: A Sport and a Pastime

Jesse Kornbluth reviews a book with strong character development and excellent prose, set in horizons of Paris, France.

Why a Film About the Battle of Algiers Is One You Need to See Today

It’s August, a month for barbeques and beaches. And here I am with a film about violence and revolution. Why? Because ISIS. Because Jeb Bush thinks we need to go back to Iraq and Trump wants to “take their oil.” And because, if you say you love film but haven’t seen this one, there’s no better time to watch one of the greatest films ever made. Hype? Watch it. You’ll see.

Jason Isbell: “Something More Than Free”

Jesse Kornbluth, on opening up to country—and also to a stunning young artist with powerful songs.