About Jim Gray

Jim Gray lives in Kensington, Maryland, where he runs a one-man graphic design business from home, and enjoys both his 10-foot commute and the freedom to work 15 hours a day. He spends his spare time over-thinking his life and occasionally translates this indulgence into the written word. You can read more about Jim—including his testicles—here at GMP and at hippocampusmagazine.com.

Rudolph’s Dad Is a Jerk: What My Daughter Taught Me About Modern Christmas

Jim Gray watches his all-time favorite Christmas Special with his daughter, and is taken aback by her insightfulness. When did things change?

My Daughter and the Pretty Please Moment

Jim Gray goes shopping with his 12 year old daughter. And it gives him insights into the politics of pink, the meaning of fashion, and what a father’s love looks like.

Snip Decision: Why I Had a Vasectomy

Jim Gray on the nitty-gritty details of his vasectomy, his experience of fatherhood, and how they go together.

A Burning Need

Even in the face of my worst anxiety, the fireplace has always been there to clear my head and calm my heart.