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John is a middle-aged family man from Providence. If you learn from your mistakes, he’s brilliant. His column runs regularly on GoLocalProv.com.

Dear John: Lonely Sister-In-Law Wants To Be Best Friends, Too

Dear John gives advice on boundaries with family members, friends who abuse pets, and the ultimate dating mistake.

Dear John: Should I Encourage My Husband to Have an Affair?

Is it ever okay to have an affair? Signed, Sick and Tired

Dear John: When ‘I Do’ Becomes ‘I Don’t Anymore’

Dear John takes on ended romances, pacifists with husbands training their children on how to self-defend, and girlfriends with no filters on Facebook.

Dear John: ‘Isn’t Intimacy All About Sharing the Truth of Ourselves With Another Person?’

Dear John takes on authenticity, bad exes, and emotional intimacy.

Dear John: Wingmanning is Getting Old

Dear John takes on wingmen, overly touchy husbands, and neighbor’s with pets that cause a severe allergic reaction for your child.

Dear John: Just a Few More Small Changes and She’ll Be Perfect!

Dear John tackles being honest with yourself, a wife dealing with a damaged parent-child relationship, and pointless arguments in a relationship.

Dear John: No Affair. And Maybe No Friendship.

Dear John takes on advice for a friend with a touchy husband, wild roommates, and an over-protective mother-in-law.

Dear John: Manipulating People

Dear John tackles roommates with offensive hobbies, fifth wheels, and gifts for boyfriends when the girlfriend is on a budget.

Dear John: Going From One Bad Relationship to Another

Dear John handles old love, friends with too much time on their hands, and crushes.

Dear John: When “I Do” Becomes “I Don’t Anymore”

Sibling disagreements, a father teaching a son how to put up his dukes, and Facebook fights – what do they all have in common? Dear John helps resolve each in a wise, calm matter.

Dear John: Single Dad — How Do I Handle Daughter’s Adolescence?

A single dad with a pre-pubescent daughter, a roommate dealing with unsolicited attention from her friend’s dad, and a cramped workspace with no room for private phone calls. Dear John resolves all of the issues.

Dear John: Will Absence Make Her Heart Grow Fonder? Doesn’t Sound Like It

A college student worrying about a long distance relationship, a middle-aged man looking for a relationship, and an office worker afraid of the boss’ dogs. Dear John has advice for them all.

Dear John: Agreeing To Marry – Disagreeing About Sex

Mismatched sex drives, a picky eater, and family get-togethers. John fields the questions you ask.

Dear John: Is Thirteen Too Young For Sexy Underwear?

A step-dad’s dilemma, a guy who’s never tried sex toys and thoughts on dating a co-worker. Dear John tackles them all.

Dear John: Quit Trying To Set Me Up

Dear John, Work-related question for you. I am in my late twenties and work in a small office…

Dear John: My Father-In-Law Is Trying To Date My Friends

A complicated relationship with an in-law, a non-college bound son and an awkward encounter. John fields the questions you ask. — Dear John, I am a woman in my 40s. Happily married, but my relationship with my father-in-law is cordial at best. He’s divorced and fancies himself, I suspect, to be something of a gift […]