About JP Pelosi

JP Pelosi is a sports writer and the editor of Why Football Is Cool, a blog about pro football trends, ideas and culture. He has written for The Globe and Mail, The Virginian Pilot, Inside Hoops, The Bleacher Report and Technorati’s football blog The Gridiron Grind.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game. . . In Sydney That Is

100 years after MLB’s first trip Down Under, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opened the 2014 season with a 2-game series in Syndey. JP Pelosi reports on the culture clash.

Let’s Get Out There and Win This One For Our Kids

With the onslaught of negative sports stories in the press recently, JP Pelosi wonders what the impact will be on his son’s future fandom.

The Unraveling of Our Fandom: Sports and Cheating

JP Pelosi wonders whether his admiration of professional athletes may have been misplaced all along.

A Quick Guide To Rick Nash’s Unreal Arsenal

JP Pelosi offers uninitiated New York fans a breakdown of newest Ranger Rick Nash’s best goals.

Permanent Impressions: The Kaepernick Case

Last week, JP Pelosi tackled the quarterback controversy in San Francisco. Now he tackles the controversy over the quarterback’s tattoos.

Why Kaepernick? Because He’s not Smith

Does the John Hughes classic, Pretty in Pink, explain the 49er’s quarterback controversy?

Supermen of New York

JP Pelosi on how left-handed genius conquered the U.S. Open.

Sonic Reducer: Lauren Jackson Eases the Pain

JP Pelosi found a female role model after the Seattle Sonics’ end, and his Olympic experience has never been better.

Big Shots: When Pros Get Egos

JP Pelosi, a child of the Magic-Bird years, wonders where all the good sports role models have gone.

LeBron James and the Unfulfilling Finale

King James’ NBA “coronation” doesn’t gratify fans, says JP Pelosi. “We crave superstars in sports.”

Soccer’s Mad Men

JP Pelosi investigates how handshakes and martinis impact international soccer.

Touch ‘Em All: Earning The People’s Respect in Toronto

JP Pelosi fondly recalls summertime baseball at the SkyDome, and wonders if this is the year Leafs Nation catches on.

From Man to Mania: The Rise of the Underdog

JP Pelosi explores how Average Joes become sports icons.

Soccer Voodoo: Unraveling The Great Goals

JP Pelosi attempts to unravel the artistry and mythology of soccer’s most breathtaking goals.

Good Guide to the Final Four

Take Note: JP Pelosi with a quick reference guide to the Final Four’s good stats, good men and a good tip for each.

Remembering 12 Anxious Men for Final Four Week

JP Pelosi remembers a locker room filled with fear as he was coached to play mistake-free basketball.