American Action Forum Thinks Crackdown on Prison Rape is Too Costly

Julie Gillis has no words to describe her horror at the American Action Forum’s stance that the Department of Justice’s plan to reduce rates of prison rape is too expensive.

Open Thread: What’s So Funny About That???

Julie Gillis wonders: When does humor go too far?

JUDGEMENT! Where Was Ryan Higa When I Was In High School?

Julie Gillis gushes over YouTube sensation Ryan Higa.

Teaching Carefully

As her sons care for a lost Chihuahua, Julie Gillis looks for teachers, healers, systems thinkers, interpreters, bridge builders, and storytellers as a way toward social change.

Courage: We Cannot Exist Without Each Other

Julie Gillis shares a story about courage and compassion and why she believes it’s important to humanity.

Holy Crap Part Deux! Belvedere In The News Again!

Julie Gillis wonders if there was consent to use the image in the Belvedere ad that indicated rape.

Dirt Under Our Nails

Julie Gillis witnessed the moment where broken hearts begin. She wonders what can we all do to fix them, together.

Let’s Get It On

Julie Gillis thinks political theater ought to be much more fun than striking against sex.

Would My Boss Need A Note From My Doctor About My Allergy Meds Too?

Julie Gillis believes employers should be prevented from getting involved in your medical history.

Social Justice Is The Flavor Of The Month!

Julie Gillis applauds Ben & Jerry for supporting gay marriage with their new flavor, Apple-y Ever After.

Prisons Of The Mind, Dementia In Aging Inmates

Julie Gillis reflects on how trusting prisoners with the care of inmates affected by dementia increases their ability for compassion.

Birth Control and Reproduction Are Men’s Issues Too!

Julie Gillis thinks birth control and reproductive rights are men’s issues as much as they are women’s.


Julie Gillis, on egalitarianism and why feminist women listen to men.

It’s A Human Problem

In discussions about sexuality, rape, violence, intimacy Julie Gillis knows one thing for certain: We have to talk about them differently.

Love And Other Things

Julie Gillis isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day, but she does love Love.

Each Other’s Skin

Julie Gillis finds value in imagining what it would be like to be other people.