About Kase Johnstun

Kase Johnstun is an author, essayist, and lecturer at Utah State University. His new book, Beyond the Grip of Craniosynostosis: An Inside View of Life Touched by the Congenital Skull Deformity (Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub) can be found here: http://www.mcfarlandbooks.com/book-2.php?id=978-0-7864-7569-8

Why We Run #23: A Group That Runs Together, Drinks Together (Or Something Like That)

Kase Johnstun says he runs for the camaraderie and honesty that can only be found in the brutality of those long miles together.

A Sincere Thank You to Taylor Swift from a Nearly 40-year-old Man Who Hates Pop Music

Kase Johnstun shakes it off.

Utah, on Marriage, is Now That Jerk from High School

Kase Johnstun loves his home state, but wishes it would take this moment in history to re-invent itself.

The Front Office Is Not For Everyone

After a year in the Tacoma Rainiers front office, Kase Johnstun decided he enjoyed the game more in the stands than in the press box.

Old Timers

In the second installment in his series, Kase Johnstun remembers what it felt like to be old in a young front office.

The Day I Made The Minors

His fastball wasn’t fast and his curve didn’t curve, but Kase Johnstun remembers the day he got called up to AAA… as a sportswriter.

Washing John

When it comes to abuse and neglect, a shower may never be the solution, but it can certainly help.

Evidence on the Bench Seat

Just when Kase Johnstun thought his dad was about to kill him, he received a lesson in how to be a good father.

Losing Grandpa

After 20 years sober, Kase Johnstun’s grandfather fell off the wagon during a fishing trip in Alaska. He never got back on.

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