About Lance Burson

Lance Burson is a writer and comedian living with four women in Atlanta, Georgia. He's the author of The Ballad Of Helene Troy and Soul To Body available on Amazon and Lulu/a>. He blogs at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog and you can talk to him him on Twitter @lanceburson and Facebook.

How My Daughter Makes Me a Better Man

Lance Burson saw he was the one learning when taking his daughter to college for her sophomore year

The Lessons Bill Cosby is Teaching Us That We Don’t Want to Learn

Lance Burson thinks it’s time Americans paid attention.

How My Hate Mail Makes Me a Better Man

After twenty-five years of journalism and writing on the Internet, you’d think Lance Burson would be used to receiving hate mail. He’s not.

Running Away To Find Myself

Lance Burson didn’t run away from home until one Thanksgiving when he was 36 years old. In doing so, he found out just what he was thankful for.