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Lisa Hickey is CEO of Good Men Media Inc. and publisher of the Good Men Project. "I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public and become part of the popular culture for years to come." Connect with her on Twitter.

When Things Change in an Instant: The Attacks on Paris

How can we make sense of the attacks?

Synthetic Love: Can a Human Fall in Love With a Robot?

AMC’s new series, “Humans”, premiering on Sunday, June 28th at 9/8c, inspires us to ponder the very essence of love.

The Man-Box Failed to Deliver: On Men and Racism

Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project.

‘It’s Warm Here by the Moral Fire’

It’s warm here by the moral fire—there’s a community of people there, a culture, a set of values—and when you take a moment together to look at where true north is, the decision-making comes easy.

What Do You Do When Your Child Texts You to Say: “There’s a Shooting at My School”?

Welcome to 21st century parenting.

Is the NFL’s Culture of Violence Causing a Crisis of American Masculinity?

Is what’s happening in the NFL causing a crisis of identity in the American male?

The Patterns In Mass Shootings and a Conversation About Men

A look at the patterns in the 71 mass shootings over the last 32 years and how they intersect with the social pressures of masculinity.

Almost Normal

People who are “normal” often don’t even know what that feels like.

There Is No Planet B: The International Rally for Climate Change

A quick look at the #PeoplesClimateMarch in New York City.

The 7 Pieces of Life Advice That Actually Changed My Life

These are life-changers because they are tools to change what you need to change, and appreciate what you already have.

A Dog and His Man Travel America—And Find Each Other

‘Travels With Casey’ is a brilliant, funny, heartwarming book about an epic journey across America and the dogs (and men) Benoit and Casey met in the process.

The Riddle of the Brain Doctor: The Changing Roles of Men and Women in the 21st Century

What to you think are the biggest ways that men’s (and women’s) roles are changing in the 21st century? Where do we still need progress?

Environmental Issues, Meet The Twilight Zone

Would you take an action if you knew that in some unknown place, someone you didn’t know would die as a result?

A Meme from the Last Real Indians

Turning stereotypes on their heads is sometimes the only thing we can do.

The Go-To Guys

No, we’re not handymen. But we sure as heck are building something. And when we do demolition work, it’s demolishing the stereotypes that hamper men’s progress.

What Can You Say Today That Someone Might Remember 35 Years From Now?

The words were simple: “I’m sorry to hear about your father.” But for a young girl, they had an impact that spanned decades.