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Humanizing Homelessness: “My Father Isn’t An Issue, He’s A Human Being”


Diana has a unique perspective. She grew up watching her father live without a roof over his head.

The Day My Son Gave Up On Me. For Good.


Lauen Cormier repairs the relationship between her son and her. No excuses this time.

Little Kyden Entered The World On Thursday. On The Same Day, His Mother Left It.

Wayde Kelly and son

A father is now left to raise his son alone. A sad news story from Australia.

Real Men Don’t… Photoshop?


Do you think photoshopping on men is a problem? What about photoshopping inanimate objects?

5 Ways To Talk To Your Kids About Death


Big Bird has some surprising sage advice for talking to kids about death.

Are Australians Really Ok With What Will Happen to These 41 People?

“Australia is suffering from an empathy deficit. A deficit so deep that I fear we may never repay it.”

“Australia is suffering from an empathy deficit. A deficit so deep that I fear we may never repay it.”

My Child Is Not Extraordinary, and That’s Ok

“Generation Me feel more entitled and have much higher self esteem than the generations before them, it is not making them happier.”

We’re not all winners: Kathy Wilson shares tips on how to prepare a child’s self-esteem for adult life.

Metres Away From the World Cup, 9-Year-Old Prostitutes are Looking For Work


There’s a dark side to the 2014 World Cup. And then there’s this.

How To Save Your Relationship In 21 Minutes Per Year


Is there a procedure that can help you sustain a high-quality marriage over time?

Australia’s “You Can Play” Campaign to Eliminate Homophobia In Football and Sports

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.09.43 AM

The You Can Play campaign has brought together all the major professional sports in Australia to make their sports welcome to lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

My Son Has Schizophrenia, Here’s How I’m Helping Him

broken mirror

What do you do when your smart, loving son is suddenly cowering in the corner of his bedroom?

Matthew Perry Schools Us In The Nature of Addiction

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.52.33 PM

Is addiction a choice? Actor and former addict Matthew Perry explains the nature of his disease.

Guy Who Invented Viagra Solves Another Problem For Men


A new spray, called Tempe, succeeds in preventing one of the most feared sexual problems of men.

This Dad is Running for Hope

Daniel and his second daughter, Alysia

Daniel Howes is running the City2Surf this year, in memory of his daughter Tricia Hope, who was stillborn.

I Won’t Be Praising Anything the Pope Has to Say

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.59.04 PM

Simon Copland isn’t quite ready to jump on the Pope Francis bandwagon.

From Refugee to Aid Worker

Thok Johnson, Doctors without Borders, Good Men Project, Refugee to Aid Worker, Sudanese refugee, Sudan refugee stories, Social Justice

Thok Johnson fled Sudan as a child, and was separated from his family. Now they have reunited, and Johnson has become a nurse and returned to Sudan to help his people.