About Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams writes what he knows, which is a lot about a little and not much about everything else.

A LOLcat Perspective on Purr-nography

Marcat LOLliams iz in ur porn stash, hazzing opinions, taking catnaps, and chasing shiny spots.

I’m Stark Orbited: Deal With It

Everyone’s excited about Mars, but Marcus Williams just found out NASA has been busy with lunar exploration, too.

Rape-X: Revenge Art or a Rapist’s Nightmare?

An anti-rape invention is making the rounds on FB again. Marcus Williams appreciates the appeal, but doesn’t think the product would succeed at stopping rape.

Sandusky, Paterno, Rick Reilly, & Me

Marcus Williams thinks that when Rick Reilly went hard on Paterno, he may have let the rest of us off too easy.

The Marginalization of an Infertile Man

When Marcus Williams was ready to face his infertility, he had a hard time finding any fertility doctors willing to face it with him.

Santorum’s Brain on Porn

Marcus Williams thinks being a porn scientist could be fun, unless you specialized in researching santorum.

Infertility: 4/2

A call for men’s perspectives on coping with infertility.

Call for Submissions: Men and Mental Illness

Mental illness does not discriminate on the basis of gender, but The Good Men Project wants to explore how men specifically are affected by it.

Once a Babysitter, Always a Babysitter

Full-time dad Marcus Williams senses some nonsense in the Census.

Should Grief Be Considered A Mental Illness?

If the DSM-5 classifies grief as a mental disorder, Marcus Williams wonders if it means more help for people who need it, or more market saturation for companies who make a pill for it.

What If They Really, Really Don’t Like Me?

Marcus Williams knows what it’s like to hide from fear. Now he’s trying something different.

The Unnamed Genitals Have a Name: Vulva

Marcus Williams wishes our earliest sexual vocabulary acknowledged that boys and girls both have interesting parts, not just a penis and the place where penises want to go.

Don’t Touch That Pie! A Tale of Unrequited Lust

Sometimes a hero’s beloved doesn’t want to be loved, which makes the hero lament the lack of lovin’.

Why Can’t I Talk To My Friends About Sex With My Wife?

Marcus Williams wonders if he can talk about his marriage and still be respectful toward his wife.

Breaking Lusty

Just because a man and woman have chemistry, writes Marcus Williams, doesn’t mean they mix sex and lust the same way.

Even Wonderful Husbands Like Breasts

Marcus Williams has figured it out. Sex is beautiful and communication should be open—except when there’s lust involved.