About Marianne Cassidy

Marianne is 23 years-old, born and raised in Ireland but currently living in Chicago. She double-majored in Drama Studies and English Lit, and now makes almost no money working in theatre. She spends her free hours devouring comics, blogs and burritos. Read more at Death of the new gods.

“I Don’t Think I’m Beautiful”

Photo by Hello Turkey Toe

When I say I don’t think I’m beautiful, I mean it as a matter-of-fact, realistic statement.

The Reality of Facebook


Marianne Cassidy didn’t grow up with online communities. She grew up in them.

“Don’t Get Raped” vs. “Don’t Rape”: An Inquiry


For Marianne Cassidy, society’s lesson that “Strange Men Are Dangerous” is damaging. Men are not the problem. Rapists are the problem.

I Am a Female Nerd. Apparently.

photo by cristiano_betta

Marianne Cassidy thinks being a female nerd is trendy. Except when that’s all guys see in her.