About Mervyn Kaufman

Mervyn Kaufman became an essayist and short-story writer after a long career as a writer and editor in the field of consumer magazine publishing. Merv is the author most recently of The Shamrock Way, the history of Arizona's biggest and most enduring food-service company, and coauthor of the Gary Stevens memoir, The Perfect Ride.

A Mature Man Shares Some Sensible Weight-Loss Secrets

You have to be patient—and determined—but in time, if you do as I did, you’ll see a lot of those pounds miraculously peel off.

What Propels The Trump Steamroller? A Political Object Lesson

Trump has no political background, only acquired political savvy, and offers no concrete programs to his supporters seems irrelevant. So why is he so popular?” Merv Kaufman wonders.

Thank You, Paul Newman, for the Day You Saved My Bacon

A dismal public relations campaign had its brightest moments after a brief encounter with an amazingly gracious superstar.

After 50 Years, I Sent Back My College Fraternity Pin

“I felt better after purging my memory of the sham and false brotherhood.”

I Have a Daughter. . .and a Daughter-in-Law. . . They’re Both Married. . . To Each Other

Merv Kaufman finds life as a dad in the 21st century different than he imagined. And, boy, is he happy about it.

My Brush with a Legend: Anita Ekberg

Merv Kaufman, with a prudent peek into curious corners of an extraordinary lady’s life.

We Got Our Jobs Done. Even As The Business Was Crumbling Around Us.

Merv Kaufman realized that in business, adversity is what you work through, not quit on.

Did Providence Really Intercede, and Get Me Fired?

Losing a Job I Loved Changed My Life in Ways I Could Never Have Imagined

Having a Big Body Part Has Haunted Me Forever

It was only Merv Kaufman stopped caring that the self-consciousness and self-loathing finally vanished.

From Bullpen to Corner Office—Is That Still a Plausible Career Arc?

Sometimes, what you do is more important than where you do it

Male Star Power – A Blessing and a Curse

Dealing with a celebrity co-worker may tell you stuff no one else knows.

The Termination Doctrine

Released. Replaced. Let go. Phased out. Sacked. Canned!

A Humiliating Brief Encounter I’ll Never Forget

It’s moments like this that can make life in the business world perilous

Was Harry Reems a Hero or a Chump?

The male star of Deep Throat was paid little, used by porn hustlers and then dumped.

What We Wore

Dress Left, Dress Right: What We Once Wore to Work Said Who We Thought We Were, But No More

A Business Dinner Gone Bad

“Men Succeed More Ably in Business When Women are Involved”