About Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele is a writer, wellness coach, and clinical herbalist who helps entrepreneurs and creatives define and create success on their own terms. After a debilitating illness pushed him a little too close to the edge, Mike traded in his perfectionist lifestyle for happiness. Visit him at www.bostonwellnesscoach.com where he writes about how to clear out the shadows, insecurities, and toxins so that you can let the real you rise up.

Why All of Your Work is Really Art


Do you think you’re an artist? Mike Iamele does. Here’s why.

Why Your Home Matters


A Thanksgiving drive and a return to his city reminded Mike Iamele how important home is.

Remember That Everyone Was a Child Once…Even You


For Mike Iamele, sometimes the key to getting along is remembering that everyone you’re dealing with was once a kid, too.

Are You Normal? Probably Not


I’M NOT NORMAL. But I am happy.

Why I Don’t Give Relationship Advice


Mike Iamele sees a lot of relationship advice out there and isn’t planning to jump into the fray.

The Paradox of Being Yourself


We are much more complex than just any one or five or ten attributes. And when we reduce ourselves to simply our attributes, we begin to lose sense of who we are.

We Need Support to Get to Success


Mike Iamele shares how support has been important to him, and how three words can keep us moving forward.

How to Be Yourself When Everyone Pressures You to Be Something Else

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In a culture so focused on individuality and “every man for himself,” there’s a lot of pressure to conform.

Why Positivity Doesn’t Always Mean Success


It’s ok. You can cry it out.

New Baby, Changing Roles, and What All That Has to Do with Success


Mike Iamele reflects on our amazing ability to grow and adapt to change in our lives.

Would You Date Yourself?


It’s not as much about knowing to how be in a relationship as it is about knowing how to be with yourself.

When It’s Worth Breaking the Rules

Not us. But it could have been.

Most of us live life by rules we set, but sometimes we want to break them. Mike Iamele did just that at a recent wedding weekend.

How a Straight Man in a Gay Relationship Made it Work


After telling how he fell in love with another straight man, Mike Iamele heard countless stories of other people creating relationships that feel right to them.

What Love Is & What Love Isn’t

love is isnt 2

After the overwhelming response to his story about falling in love with his best friend, Mike Iamele wrote down some of the things he’s learned about love.

I’m an Otherwise Straight Man (Who Fell in Love with His Best Friend)


It didn’t matter if it didn’t fit my identity. It didn’t matter if it didn’t fit my sexuality. It just mattered if it brought me love.