About Neil Cohen

Neil Cohen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and toddler son. A former corporate PR guy, he’s now enjoying his new gig as a stay-at-home dad. He writes about parenting, current events and sports at his blog Man on Third. You can follow him at @manonthirdblog.

Welcome To Fatherhood, Mark Zuckerberg. Now, Tips From A Dad!

Mark Zuckerberg is a Dad! Neil Cohen has a few tips for the new father. Congrats on the birth of your daughter, Mark! Welcome to the wonderful world of fatherhood, Max is a lucky girl. It’s also pretty cool that you are taking a real paternity leave and launching your new initiative. Don’t worry about […]

A Dad’s Sarcastic Retort to People Who Want Kids Banned From Public View

He agrees. It is time to ban kids— everywhere.

Things Said to Dads That Mothers Never Have to Hear

It is the new “nails on a chalkboard” for the active parent dad. The comments. The assumptions. Neil Cohen shares the ones he’s heard that a mom never gets said to her.

10 Things Major League Baseball Should Change Right Now

Though psyched, as always, that baseball is once again here, Neil Cohen suggests 10 changes that would make the game even better than it is.

The NFL’s PR Problem. . . And How To Fix It

Bullying, concussions, player arrests, declining youth participation. The NFL has a serious PR problem. Neil Cohen offers the league some advice about how to fix it.

Baseball’s New Three-Letter Word: CTE

Former Major League Baseball player Ryan Freel committed suicide in 2012. It’s now been confirmed he suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the national pastime’s first documented case. Neil Cohen discusses how MLB is getting proactive.

The Yankees Embrace Their Dark Side

Despite losing Robinson Cano to the free agent market, the Yankees are doing what they always do—spend. Neil Cohen explains why they don’t really have a choice.

Runner’s High

In the next in our series of athletes overcoming obstacles, Neil Cohen shares the story of NYC Firefighter Matt Long’s inspirational comeback after a horrific cycling accident.

Network of Denial

As PBS gets set to air a Frontline documentary on concussions in the NFL, Neil Cohen examines ESPN’s curious decision to pull out of the production.

Boston Strong

As a life-long Yankees fan, Neil Cohen has to tip his hat to the Red Sox, who, in the wake of April’s terror attacks on Boston, are forging a feel-good, worst-to-first season.

What the “Freak” Is Going On?

Tim Lincecum is just one of many pitching aces who’s lost his fastball. Neil Cohen wonders if it matters? (Hint: yes, if you’re Lincecum)

Hey Justice Scalia, Hitler Was Raised By Heterosexuals

In the DOMA and Prop 8 hearings, Justice Scalia has questioned whether its safe for children to be raised by same-sex parents; he should be careful what he wishes for.

The San Francisco Giants Are the Rodney Dangerfield of Baseball

Despite two World Series wins in three years, Neil Cohen wonders why the Giants are once again fighting for respect.

Derek Jeter’s Secret Sauce

No, Skip Bayless wasn’t right. Neil Cohen tells us the secret is mental, not physical.

When It Comes to PEDs, Why Not Assume All Athletes Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Last week JP Pelosi described the toll PED use is taking on the fans. Neil Cohen offers a somewhat radical solution.

Playdating Another Dad

I have just been asked out on a first date, my first daddy date with a complete stranger.