About Nikki Arena

Nikki Arena is a writer, videographer and social media junky in San Francisco. Strengths include resourcefulness and Jersey-born, east coast sarcasm. Weaknesses include espresso and Jimmy Stewart's voice. See more http://nikkiarena.tumblr.com/.

Is American Youth Too Coddled To Revolt?

If you’ve never had anything to fight for, how do you know how to fight?

Get Me to the Diaper Keg: Dads Want In on the Party

‘Dadchelor Parties’ are on the rise. Should dads have one last hurrah before trading beer for diapers?

Michael Guglielmo: Family Man, Ex-Con, Savior

After 17 years in prison for eight counts of attempted murder of a police officer, Michael Guglielmo became the country’s most successful bone-marrow recruiter in an effort to save his dying son.