You Done Good, Honey. A Father Salutes His Daughter Graduating 5th Grade

photo benlippenschool

Patrick Canadey, with a letter to his daughter upon her promotion from elementary school.

Too Many Fatherless Father’s Days

modeling fatherhood, becoming a father, fatherless fathers

Patrick Caneday didn’t know what he was missing, growing up without a father around, until he became a father, himself.

Himalayan Song


As different as people and traditions are around the world, sometimes it’s the similarities that sneak up on us and surprise us the most.

Lost in the Wilderness


Destinations are the goal, but often getting lost is what the journey is all about.

Advice to the Young on Their Wedding Day

sandoz gmp funniest wedding moments

A “short” speech on marriage is an impossible task; like a “quick” hike up Mt. Everest. But when your brother asks, tell him what you know.

There’s a Fine Line to Being the Only Man in the House


Being the only man in a house full of females is a daily exercise in sensitivity.