About Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is the author of Extra Innings and is the editor of Bugs and Cranks. He and his wife live in a Baltimore house full of animals and catcher's equipment.

I Hate Fancy Beer, and So Do You


Remember when there were only five kinds of beer and they all tasted the same?

Baseball Doesn’t Need to Be Saved


Baseball isn’t broke, Patrick Smith writes, but there is one thing it could do without.

Excuse Me, That’s Ms. Andry

photo by chimothy

Patrick Smith reflects on underdogs, misandry (haw haw) and the non-End of Men.

Calm Down, It’s Just a Sport

Crazy Fab

When is it OK to punch another fan at a sporting event? Um, never?

Losing the Big Coin Flip


Some win, some lose, and it’s never fair.

Every Office Has a Creepy ‘Sex Dude’

sex dude

Oh, OK. You’d ‘hit that thing hard?’ Thanks for letting me know.

Are You a Car Guy or a Sports Guy?

car guy

All men are either Car Guy or Sports Guy, Patrick Smith writes. Guess which one has the advantage.

Not Just Live, Double Live


Buried deep within his iPod, Patrick Hayes has a dark secret: “Frampton Comes Alive.”



Why are Patrick Smith’s clients lying to him about playing minor league baseball?

Should You Play Down to Your Partner’s Level?


After a conversation with his barber, Patrick Smith wonders whether or not a man should play light—or even left-handed—in a tennis match against his wife.

Instant-Tax Lady Liberty Will Screw You

Liberty Tax

A guy in a dumb outfit doing a funny dance is no place to get tax advice.

When Kids You Love Start to Love the Stuff You Hate

NC State UNC

What’s an N.C. State fan to do when he finds out his nephew is siding with the Tar Heels?

All-Steroids Team: Jay Gibbons

Jay Gibbons

Jay Gibbons, an admitted steroid user, is making a clean comeback with the Dodgers. Let’s reflect on his enhanced period with the Orioles.