About Rachel Goodchild

Rachel Goodchild is a parent and behavior coach. Her course Boys are Brilliant is a popular choice for both teachers and parents wanting to help address the needs their children.

Engaging the Boy Brain

How do we motivate boys to learn to read and write?

Long Distance Dad or Deadbeat?

Who gets to label a father a “deadbeat dad”?

Are ‘Weekend Daddies’ Real Dads?

Custody will never determine whether a man is a father or not. Rachel Goodchild offers some tips and advice whether you’re a custodial or non-custodial dad.

Your Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign Probably Isn’t Helping Me

Why is it that the majority persists on making violence a gender issue? And how does showing that women can also be violent and abusive somehow soften the horror of any act of violence by a man?

I Have Female Privilege

It’s a woman’s world, Rachel Goodchild writes, and they now have all the privilege.