About Robert Brown

Rob is a Child Rights Activist and state-level lobbyist.

Letters From the Boy

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Rob Brown gives voice to a little boy who didn’t survive his abusive childhood. (Trigger Warning)

Open Thread: Things Boys Discover


Boys explore the world and test limits differently. What truths did you discover as a boy?

Boy P.O.W.


An abused boy with the courage of a prisoner of war.

The Impala Suicide Slide


Rob Brown is in crisis: running 140 MPH from childhood terrors.

When to Tell

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Abuse survivor Rob Brown kept his secret hidden from his family for years. When he finally told, he realized that it may have been too late for his marriage.

Sometimes a Train-Wreck is Just a Train-Wreck

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Abuse survivor Rob Brown reports what life is like from deep inside his recovery.

Etan and Me: A Brotherhood of Pain


For abuse survivor Rob Brown, the recent confession in the 1979 case of Etan Patz elicits a strong sense of brotherhood between one man who was allowed to grow up, and the boy who was not.

Child Sexual Abuse: Secrecy & Isolation


Child abusers isolate their victims and leverage the secret and their relationships against them.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Myth of the Vampire Bite

baby vampire gargoyles

Rob Brown explains the myths and misunderstandings surround the victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Disclosures: Finding a Voice for the Boy


Rob Brown discusses the difficulties and barriers to disclosing his childhood sexual abuse.

Damaged: Tales of Child Abuse and Growing Up


Robert Brown shares the story of his childhood, being sexually abused by other children, and how it has shaped him as an adult.