About Robert Brown

Rob is a Child Rights Activist and state-level lobbyist.

Letters From the Boy

Rob Brown gives voice to a little boy who didn’t survive his abusive childhood. (Trigger Warning)

Open Thread: Things Boys Discover

Boys explore the world and test limits differently. What truths did you discover as a boy?

Boy P.O.W.

An abused boy with the courage of a prisoner of war.

The Impala Suicide Slide

Rob Brown is in crisis: running 140 MPH from childhood terrors.

When to Tell

Abuse survivor Rob Brown kept his secret hidden from his family for years. When he finally told, he realized that it may have been too late for his marriage.

Sometimes a Train-Wreck is Just a Train-Wreck

Abuse survivor Rob Brown reports what life is like from deep inside his recovery.

Etan and Me: A Brotherhood of Pain

For abuse survivor Rob Brown, the recent confession in the 1979 case of Etan Patz elicits a strong sense of brotherhood between one man who was allowed to grow up, and the boy who was not.

Child Sexual Abuse: Secrecy & Isolation

Child abusers isolate their victims and leverage the secret and their relationships against them.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Myth of the Vampire Bite

Rob Brown explains the myths and misunderstandings surround the victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Disclosures: Finding a Voice for the Boy

Rob Brown discusses the difficulties and barriers to disclosing his childhood sexual abuse.

Damaged: Tales of Child Abuse and Growing Up

Robert Brown shares the story of his childhood, being sexually abused by other children, and how it has shaped him as an adult.