About Roger L. Durham

Roger L. Durham is an ordained Presbyterian minister, a former business owner, and is currently working as a client development manager for Summit Energy.

The First Rule of Mentorship: Be Present

If you want to be there for someone, there’s just one thing you have to do.

My Power Place

A trip to the Grand Tetons fourteen years ago brought Roger L. Durham into contact with something profund.

Who Said Threesomes Can’t Be Spiritual?

What started as a simple comment on Lisa Hickey’s post about atheism and 9/11 resulted in a three-way conversation about life, faith, heaven, and agreeing to disagree.

I am Man, Hear Me Roar!

Roger Durham discusses the loss of intellectual dialog to loud, vitriolic and sometimes personal attacks on character.

An Atheist and a Fine Bottle of Wine

Roger Durham finds that in discussions about spirituality, asking questions is more important than finding answers.

Routine Heir

Roger Durham inherits his dad’s Father’s Day routine—and it’s perfect.