About Sean Carney

Sean Carney is a writer from Philadelphia. While working on his second novel, he tries to provide a distraction from daily life by writing funny stories about daily life. You can read more on his blog, The Witty Gritty, or get in touch on Facebook orTwitter. Sean is single, so donations of food or toilet paper are always appreciated.

The Evolution of Cool

evolution of cool

Are grown men more confident than their twelve year old selves?

You Never Know: Alone with Sandy


Sean Carney knows how to dress for emergencies.

10 Things I Did Last Weekend


Amazingly enough, one of the things Sean Carney did not do last weekend was get engaged. This is what he did instead.

10 Ways to Get a Woman to Leave Your Apartment


Avoiding intimacy the morning after, in ten easy steps.


cat float at Burning Man

People in relationships can’t fathom what single men do with their time. If they can make an event, surely you can. Sean Carney explains.

Night and Day: Commercials Never Sleep


Sean Carney satirizes the overwhelming abundance of gender stereotypes in television commercials.


shutterstock_74020699 posterized

Arguments against making the commitments of male adulthood can be boiled down to one word: Meteor. Sean Carney explains.