About Shawn Shinneman

Shawn spent his undergraduate years at Truman State University in little Kirksville, Mo., before graduating in the spring of 2011. He now works as a business reporter at the Northwest Herald in Chicago's northwest suburbs. You can follow him on Twitter @SDShinneman.

Master Class

Shawn Shinneman remembers when he believed all that stood between his 8-year old self and Tiger Woods was 13 years of experience.

$5 Virtual Girlfriend!

Shawn Shinneman can’t help but feel a little sad over the virtual girlfriends available for hire to pump up your Social Media self-esteem.

Win A Date With Kelly Kapowski

Shawn Shinneman confesses that his teenage dream girl, Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell, is just an illusion. But he loves her nonetheless.

In One Basket

For Shawn Shinneman, a sophomore-year breakup leads him to answer the question: What kind of man do I want to be?