About Showtime: (Radio Personality and Blogger)

Media professional and radio personality Showtime has become the voice that listeners and readers have come to recognize as their own. Born in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Showtime was the product of a single-parent home and raised by his mother. After losing his father at an early age Showtime began to lean on the culture of Hip Hop as a way to fill the void that was left by his father’s death. Showtime is an accomplished radio professional, author, and blogger who uses his voice to help guide the lives of today’s youth. He is a dedicated father who uses his experiences as a testimony to encourage other men in the area of fatherhood.

Man to Man, Father to Father: An Open Letter To 50 Cent


Father-to-father, single dad Showtime implores 50 Cent to remember how important his role is in raising his son, Marquise.

4 Ways to Lose a Woman’s Trust


Showtime explores 4 deadly mistakes people make in building trust.

7 Things Men Should Not Take With Them Into The New Year

New Years photo by Sean MacEntee

Showtime thinks it’s the perfect time to walk away from thing habits and behaviors that did not served us well in 2013.

5 Things I Learned After My Daughter Ditched Me For a Sleepover

slumber party

Showtime knows it’s time for his little girl to gain independence… but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy transition.

Is Your Man Afraid of Commitment? Here Are 7 Reasons Why


Showtime admits to having been a guy who’s afraid of commitment, and he wants to offer some insight to women who may be confused about the men in their lives.

Why is the Media So Obsessed with the Downfall of Lamar Odom?


Showtime wonders why Americans can’t seem to get enough of watching celebrities struggle.

What is in the Best Interests of the Child?

dad daughter pic

Showtime, as a single father, knows that he has so much more to give to his daughter than the courts could even ask for.

How Do You Talk To Your Kids About Sex?

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.20.14 PM

It’s not a rhetorical question, single father Showtime really wants to know.

5 Deal Breakers for the Dating Dad

single dads, dating a single dad, dating as a single dad, relationships, dating advice for men, Showtime, Good Men Project

Dating after a break-up can be hard, but the stakes are raised for devoted single dads like Showtime.

Virginia High School Opens Daycare

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 9.40.29 PM

Single father Showtime asks: Should HIgh Schools provide day care for their students?

Father-to-Father With Andrew Ference

andrew-ference-1-22-12.AP Photo

Radio personality Showtime sits down with NHL defensive legend, and Stanley Cup winner, Andrew Ference to talk man-to-man about fatherhood, success, sports and recycling.

Jerry Sandusky Receives 30-60 Year Sentence

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 12.22.14 PM

Jerry Sandusky walked into a courtroom today and received a 30-60 year sentence for the sexual abuse of 10 boys while at Penn State.

6 Ways to Survive a Recession Without Having to Do Porn… Unless You Want to

He's thinking about doing porn.

Rapper Mystikal says he will do porn if his next CD doesn’t sell. Here, Showtime offers 6 other ways to survive during a recession in case that’s not your thing.

Should Parents Spank Their Kids? – Reflections on T.I. and Tiny

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 4.22.07 PM

Showtime comments on the way things used to be when he was a kid, and how an episode of T.I. and Tiny’s Family Hustle reminded him of how much discipline has changed.

Money, Power, Death: Why Are Celebrities Like Chris Lighty Committing Suicide?


Showtime insists it’s time for the Black community to start talking about depression, and for men to stop trying to bear every burden alone.

Was Gabby Douglas Wrong For Speaking Out Against Bullying?

Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 4.40.48 PM

Showtime breaks down everything that is wrong with the critiques being thrown at USA gold medalist Gabby Douglas over her speaking out about the racist bullying she endured in one of her training facilities.