About Steve Milan

Steve Milan, LCSW is a therapist in Austin, TX who works primarily with men and couples. He is also a father, a son, an ex-husband, an ex-CPA, a partner to his sweetie, and an Ultimate Frisbee player. Steve has been writing for his own sake off and on over the years.

Facing Powerlessness

Steve Milan talks about the single thing he hears most often as a therapist.

Men, Strength, and Death

True strength does not require denial of reality, but suppleness in meeting it.

I Will Not Die [Poem]

Denial is the first stage of grief.

Are You Man Enough for Therapy?

It takes courage and strength, but it’s worth learning how to benefit from a therapeutic relationship.

Convalescing in the World of Love and Hurts

“Rest is … a sabbath to make sense of what has happened.” A poem.

Men, Poetry and Therapy

Don’t understand poetry? Perfect.