About Steven Axelrod

Steven Axelrod holds an MFA in writing from Vermont college and remains a member of the WGAw despite a long absence from Hollywood. A father of two, he lives on Nantucket, where he paints houses and writes novels, often at the same time, much to the annoyance of his customers.

The One That Got Away, Part Two: Scenes From a Divorce #11

As Steve Axelrod relives one of the most romantic moments in his life, he falls in love once more with the one that got away.

The One That Got Away, Part One: Scenes From a Divorce #10

In the midst of divorce, Steve Axelrod holds out hope that reconnnecting with an old flame may prove to be something more.

Hope and Ultimatums: Scenes From a Divorce #9

Steven Axelrod continues his painful quest to understand dating after divorce.

Joining the Club: Scenes From a Divorce #8

Steve Axelrod reminisces on his lost love and realizes he’s not alone as he thought he was. He just wishes he enjoyed the company.

The Children’s Hour: Scenes From a Divorce #7

Steve Axelrod reflects on the difficulties of balancing fatherhood, dating, and divorce.

Gossip and TV Dinners: Scenes From a Divorce #6

Steve Axelrod remembers the pressures that small-town gossip put on his marriage, and jealousy affected his life after marriage.

The First Pancake Theory: Scenes from a Divorce #5

After his divorce, Steve Axelrod found dating to be so difficult that he really thought he should have been quarantined to prevent himself from doing it so badly.

The Women Problem, Post-Divorce: Scenes from a Divorce #4

Steven Axelrod thought that dating after he divorced would be the easy part. After all, woman had been flirting with him for years. It wasn’t until he was single again that he figured out why.

The Tell-Tale Wedding Ring: Scenes from a Divorce #3

After his divorce, Steve Axelrod just wants to get rid of a wedding ring that he never much wanted anyway. But in exchange, he receives information he didn’t really want to know.

We Were Almost a Family Again, While the Song Lasted: Scenes From a Divorce #2

Steve Axelrod describes a Christmas morning filled excruciatingly normal moments of a life gone awry.

It’s Finally Over. Why Am I So Surprised?: Scenes From a Divorce, Part 1

Steven Axelrod, with part one of a seven part series from the front lines of modern divorce.

The Haircut Test

Steve Axelrod got a haircut. And what people say to him about it—or don’t say—says it all.

In Praise of Tom Cruise

Steven Axelrod sees Tom Cruise, today’s action hero. A man who does his own stunts and performs so he’s worth the price of admission. Nothing else should matter.

The Accidental Contractor

Steven Axelrod didn’t go looking for his second career.

The Music: How Families Keep Each Other Alive

As a parent, Steven Axelrod writes, it’s your job to pass along the music to your kids.

Exercising a Mind-Body Connection

Steven Axelrod discusses fitness after fifty and finding the perfect distraction.