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Call for Submissions: Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes

Does the stereotypical man exist?

My Not So Secret Vice

It’s not exactly criminal. So why do you hide the source of your joy?

The Lightbulb Moment: Call for Submissions Due 9/4

What was the moment that made you stop and think about something differently? What was the tipping point?

My Hometown: Call for Submissions Due 8/28

Tell us about the place that made you who you are.

The Five Senses and Memory: Call for Submissions Due 7/31

Our senses are tightly linked to memory in both fleeting and powerful ways.

Family Outings: Call for Submission Due 7/24

Trips, travel, secrets, love, discovery, beauty, disaster. What’s your family outing story?

Man Caves: 7/6

Men, do you have a room of your own?

What Every Man Should Know… About Style: 6/29

If the clothes don’t make the man, do they at least signal what kind of man wears them?

Visions: 6/22

An examination of the ways that what you see in your mind’s eye influences your life.

Drop Out Success Stories: 6/15

Did you leave school for success? Tell us your story.

The Best Man Money Could Buy

Ernie R writes to The Good Life of two best men: his own, and himself.

What Every Man Should Know… About Cooking: 6/8

Do you know the way to your own heart? Men who cook and write wanted.

When Bad People Do Good Things: 5/25

Sometimes, what makes us do evil is easier to understand than the reasons why we choose to do good.

Do Not Attempt: 5/18

There’s always some new stunt teenage boys are threatening their lives to perform … what stupid thing have you considered doing?

First Responders: 5/11

How have you prepared to respond in an emergency?