About John McElhenney

My unwavering and immutable mission:

1. 100% positive
2. Kids first
3. Honest feelings

I have been a single-parent for three years now, and I am finally getting the hang of it. There are plenty more bumps in the road, but I’m at peace with the life-changing event, and the now-I-can-see-this-is-better reflection of those past three years. My goal is to uncover the WINS and work to remove the MISSES and share those stories so that others who follow this difficult journey will have some illumination, from a previous sojourner.

1/3 Dad: Most of Your Nights Will Be Alone

I miss my kids every day of every week. As we all adapted to the 1/3 dad schedule we became grooved. Today this is our cadence.

8 Lessons from My First 2 Divorces

That’s a lot of water to pass under the bridge and still think marriage is a good idea. So I’ve got to take the time to learn from these experiences and check-in on all the points before getting married again.

The Kids are All Right: A Dad’s Divorce Reflections

The sadness I feel at the divorce today is more about the loss of their childhood, and the long years I suffered alone. Their triumphant personalities are the reward of our low-conflict divorce.

Laws of Attraction and the Opposite Sex

John McElhenney looks at what makes people watching so addictive and fun. What are we looking at?

The Joy of Divorce and the 3 Gifts of Breaking Up

The biggest gift of my divorce was the release to become a happier, healthier, and more loving partner to a new woman. I bring my joy and my affection, and this time, the rules of engagement are very different.

The Hero’s Journey of a Divorced Dad

Anger breeds anger. Resentment and sharp jabs only builds more need for retaliation. If you can focus on the love and support of your children you can forgive and forget your ex-partner all together.

Focusing On the Other Person is a Trap

I’m a happy climber. And I’m in a relationship now with another happy climber. There’s always going to be hills in life, and it is your attitude about your own work ahead that makes the difference.

Going for Eleven! My Third Glass Story

The third glass for me ALWAYS sounds like a great idea. My brain and my heart want that extra boost. My spirit and mind knows that it’s not such a great idea for me.

#dad #divorce #depression This Is My Recovery Story

Divorce changed everything about my life in a matter of weeks. From that collapse I have rebuilt a stronger, faster, smarter me.

Love is the Goal, Discover Your Own Path

Crave them when they are not with you. Enjoy and savor them when they are with you. And feel the complete fullness of life when you have been satiated by them.

The Big Three Marriage Issues and the Hope of Counseling

Had she wanted to work on the relationship the only honest thing do to would’ve been to bring in the idea, “I’m thinking of seeing an attorney about a divorce,” BEFORE she actually did it.

Two People In Love Spread a Message

Love is letting the other person be whole and complete without your influence or supervision. And then in love returning to hold the other person in the highest regard because you want to, because you can’t help it, because love fuels every muscle in your body.

Seven Strategies for Winning Divorce

Things didn’t go the way I wanted, but that is life. Now is my chance to get on with MY living as a dad, as a boyfriend, and as an ex-husband. Let me do the best at all three.

My Transformational Divorce

I give thanks to my ex-wife for releasing me back into the universe. I needed to grow and re-find myself and what made me happy. Then I was able to seek out a more like-minded partner and setup our long-term relationship on mutual goals and mutual adoration.

Dating a Divorced Dad – Version 2.0

Go for 100%. Don’t settle for an almost relationship because you are lonely. That’s the time you need to take more interest in yourself and what you are doing to become a more attractive and delicious partner.

Sex, and Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll – Version 2.0

What I learned from my mom and dad about alcohol. 1. My dad was a full-blown alcoholic. 2. My mom rebelled against that alcoholism. 3. They divorced when I was 6 and my dad drank himself to death.