About The Next Family

The Next Family is an online magazine for today's modern parent -- a way to remind people that the Next Generation of families already exists in larger numbers than the old model of a “family unit”.

Dads in the Modern Family


The word “dad” invokes something different now than it did even fifteen years ago. Alexandra Temblador takes a look at what it means in today’s modern family.

The 30 Simple Pleasures You Will Give Up When You Become a Parent


Shannon Ralph waxes poetic on life before kids. She would not be that person again, but she advises parents-to-be to relish these 30 things, before they are gone. And they will be SO gone, gone.

8 Things Gay Dads Don’t Want to Hear


There are eight comments and questions that Henry Amador-Batten gets as a gay dad that drive him crazy. Here is why.

The Eleven Things Only Parents of Boys Understand


Families with boys are blessed in eleven special ways, says this lesbian mom.

The Four Surprises of Parenting

plotting child

John Jericiau of The Next Family was ready for some parts of being a dad…but not everything (like that one diaper…).

A Boy from New Jersey Learns About BBQ


Stephen and Adam Podowitz-Thomas of The Next Family share what happens when New Jersey and North Carolina meet over BBQ.

My Nine Year Old Son is Gay


Lisa Keating of The Next Family, along with her son, shares what happened in their family when he told them he is gay.

Gay Dad: Do As I Say, Not As I Did


John Jericiau of The Next Family wants his sons to have adventures…just maybe not the kinds he had.

Rediscovering the Foods of Our Families

Matzo Ball Soup with Kreplach

Stephen Podowitz of The Next Family shares how he and his husband are recreating family recipes, getting ready to pass their traditions on.

Be The Change In This World Your Dads Hope For

Postcard campaign speaking up about the need for second parent adoption in Nebraska to protect children

Jason Holling of The Next Family decided that making his voice heard was important, not just for him, but for the future.

Tortillas and Tomatillo Sauce


Stephen Podowitz of The Next Family talks about the importance of sharing food and the love it holds for he and his husband.

Balancing Hope and Fear Raising a Gender Non-Conforming Son

Balancing Hope and Fear Raising a Gender Non-Conforming Son

Lisa Keating of The Next Family reflects on the recent story of a young boy driven to attempt suicide after being bullied for liking “My Little Pony” and her own concerns about her gender non-conforming son.

One Year Later: Waiting on Our Child

Just waiting for a child...

Jason Holling of Next Family and his partner are ready to be dads. Now, they are just waiting for that child.

The Bumpy Road: A Dad and His Parenting Struggles

bumpy photo  janet mck

Danny Thomas of The Next Family has bad days, when it seems like nothing else can go wrong…until it does.

A Gay Father’s Experience With Foster Adoption

A Gay Father's Experience with Foster Adoption

Ted Peterson of Next Family and his partner Ian share their experience of becoming foster parents and discuss the scars that can run deep in foster children

What if YOUR Kid is the Bully???

No one wants to hear that their kid is a bully.

Tanya Dodd-Hise of The Next Family was faced with a dilemma when she was informed that her son was bullying others.