About Tim Brown

TB is a single 30 something living in Atlanta, GA. He is a former collegiate athlete and now
works in academia. Mentor, brother, and friend are all titles in his list of accomplishments.

Sandra Bland Calls out to Black Men


We need to be arm and arm with black women in courage and action when it comes to destroying the machine that destroys us.

The N-Word and Education Reform


Tim Brown believes that, “Cultural sensitivity should be a block of granite in the foundation of our education system, taught annually and comprehensively.”

Don Lemon, Oscar Grant, Marc Lamont Hill and Henry Louis Gates


Tim Brown looks at the profiling that happens even to black men who are well-educated, well-respected and well-known, and thus respectfully disagrees with Don Lemon’s recent talking points.

Fruitvale Station: Four Ways It Reinforced What I Know to Be True


Tim Brown looks at Fruitvale Station through the lens of “That could’ve been me.”

The Complicated Legacy of Dr. King


In some circles, speaking ill of Dr. King is blasphemous. But wasn’t he just a man like ourselves?

Watching Django While Black


Despite the controversy, Tim Brown thinks ‘Django Unchained’ is a great movie.

Why Do Men Marry at All?


Tim Brown thinks of four reasons why he would even consider marriage.

Life Lessons from Football


Everyone has a plan until they get hit, and other lessons.

The Amnesia of 9/11


We came together as a country eleven years ago. Can we do it again in 2012?

Fatherhood and the Black Community


Tim Brown hopes he’s up for the challenge of a daughter’s braids someday, too.

Walk Away


Tim Brown advises men to protect themselves and prevent domestic violence.

An Education in Inequality


What Tim Brown has learned from the Penn State scandal about institutional racism.