About Tobias

Tobias is a young man fresh out of college with all the loans and uncertainty you'd expect. He is working on promoting his college to GLBT students, and hopes to enroll in a PhD program for philosophy. In his spare time he cooks, dances, and cuddles his sizable collection of stuffed animals.

The Queer-a-Day Project

tobias unicorn

As a teenager, Tobias Gurl was unable to find much info on gay or queer history. This led him to create The “Queer-a-Day” Project.

Invasive Testing


A trans man’s first pap smear is a traumatizing experience.

Indecisive, Slutty, and Closeted: Bisexual Men in 3 Stereotypes


Tobias is everything you expect bi men to be, and then some.

Human First, Dom Second


What does it mean that the popular image of the male dominant is a paragon of sadistic power?