About Todd Mauldin

Todd Mauldin (@mrtavo) is a musician, writer and artist living in Reno, NV. He blogs at www.toddmauldin.com.

Betting Man

Good Men Project resident bluesman Todd Mauldin explains the value of $1 bets.

Rock Salt Blues

“I was almost killed by men with shotguns, on a raft, down a river.” Sounds like the start of a blues song to us.

Blues Philosophy

Fifteen places where life and blues collide, according to blues philosopher Todd Mauldin.

Masculinity Haiku: Oh Sumo Wrestler

Todd Mauldin’s haiku is a short story about the great equalizer.

#33: Long Night in the Club

The being ready is important and the delivering the best you can is even more important.

Across the Rooftop

#32: This story is about a penthouse.

#31: Bamboo is Serene

A casual observation by my daughter reveals a little bit of the world through her eyes.

My Birthday Today

#30: As I turn a year older and reflect on age, I don’t mind feeling sturdy.

The Humble Fish Hook

Fishing, like sex and golf, is another thing you don’t have to be good at to enjoy.

When Necessary

Is our technological ability to kill actually progress?

Stress in Abundance

My pet cat gives me perspective when I’m busy and stressed out.

So, I Looked at Her

If you admit to staring at a beautiful woman…

Up Before the Sun

What bothers me is it’s as normal to see headlines of crime and dead children as it is to have cereal in the morning.

David Bazan Show

An rock and roll concert full of hipsters left me feeling oddly content.

The Ukulele

When played right, the ukulele can lift even my darkest moods.

When I Make My Lunch

Waldo quietly prays for food like I sometimes beg for scraps from heaven.