A Horrifying Thing Happened in Ohio: You, Me and Steubenville

“The extent of the damage runs deep.” Yes, it does.

YouTube commentator Modern Primate has eloquently summed up the deep, societal issues surrounding the horrific rape of a teenage girl in Steubenville, Ohio and has a message for parents:

“Sure, we condemn rape (at least some of the time), but then as a society we go ahead and keep defending all of these behaviors that normalize the situations where rape is more likely to happen in the first place.”

Moms and dads, teachers and coaches to talk to their children about what really is. Teach them that being drunk does not imply consent, and engaging in any sort of sexual contact or penetration without consent is rape, that they are responsible for their own actions, and that nobody exists for anyone else’s use, pleasure, or amusement.


Thanks to UpWorthy for sharing this video.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Oh, yeah. What I do is what anybody can do, if they’ve a mind to. Not a big deal.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    Among other things, I vote for the side which thinks we have–or should have, we obviously don’t–a government of laws, not of men. While republicans aren’t good on that, they’re light years ahead of dems. Many years ago, a republican representative from IL was found to have had sex with an underage female page. Guy’s last name was, iirc, Crane. He disappeared from public view. About the same time, a dem representative from MA was found to have had sex with an underage male page. That was Gerry Studds. He refused to resign, taunted Congress when they condemned his action, and was comfortably reelected for the rest of his career, which was quite long. Then there’s Teddy Kennedy….
    I insist David Gregory be prosecuted for a gun crime that has put less important, and darker, people in jail in DC. Having a wife who’s friends with the prosecutor shouldn’t be a get out of jail free card, even if you are an obnoxiously biased reporter.
    I taught the same to my kids and, to the extent it’s appropriate, to my grandkids.
    I ridicule jocksniffers. I bother journalists, mostly on the lines of how come you didn’t cover, say, Fast and Furious?

    I pointed out to my son, who was as a HS senior, a three-sport all conference athlete, fball, bball, and tennis, captain and MVP of the latter two, that good hand-eye coordination means…good hand-eye coordination.
    I was pleased to see the HS football team/varsity club had a certain civilizing presence–not always the case–in the high school. And not solely as an example. It was a bad idea to be a bully, for example, where one of the jocks might see you. He or she was on a team, see, which meant a lot of people. I hope that I some influence both as a parent and a Booster. That was going on twenty years ago, but when my wife taught there up until recenlty, it was still the case.
    When I heard of somebody screwing up, I remarked appropriately, perhaps being even more severe if he was a “somebody”,whether a local jock or a pop culture icon, making it clear to my kids what I thought.
    Now, should something like the Steubenville case happen where I can more directly influence it, I would/will.And I oppose people who say, wrt, say, jailing somebody, “what’s the use of ruining two lives?”

    Thing is, there are two layers to this. One is the assholes who raped the girl. The other is the folks who excused it, or, perhaps not excusing it, wanted it to go away without bothering the assholes. Once the first is done, it can’t be undone. And until something comes out, is no longer covered up, you can’t do much about the second since, by definition nobody knows about it. And once something comes out, most of the time, things are going to go as they should. But, primarily, I speak and act, have spoken and acted, as if nobody is above the law and those who have a certain importance, if only being famous for being famous are not exempt. Local high school hero, high-profile rapper, journalist, politician.
    Rebecca West pointed out in her book, The New Meaning of Treason, that the Brit aristocrats’ privilege, when being hanged for a capital crime, was to be allowed a silken rope instead of a hempen rope. I’ll give the Important that much of a break.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    The world includes jocksniffers. See colleges and the revenue sports athletes and what the latter get away with, although that’s partly a matter of the revenue.
    The world includes people who will give their “betters”–more visible, hence superior or important–a break. And the betters give each others breaks the rest of society doesn’t get. See David Gregory not being prosecuted for what puts others in jail in DC. But they’re the little people whose SOs aren’t good buds with the prosecutor.
    But that’s not all of us, and let’s drop the “we” about it. Some of it we can’t stop, but that doesn’t mean we approve.

    • If we don’t approve, then what are we doing to push back against it, I think is the point of the “we” in the article. That we are all part of the system and to sit back and do nothing is complicity and collusion, and if you as an individual are NOT sitting back but fighting the good fight, then it doesn’t really apply to you.

      We, all of us, live in this country. And we all have the choice to tolerate the kind of things you describe in your comment, just let it go, that’s the way the world is etc…(which is allowing the system to go on unchecked) or we can choose to push against it.

      I believe the fellas in the video are choosing to push against it and encouraging us to do the same.

  4. They reference her being drunk several times. It is unclear if she was given a drug, though it has been alleged and tipped off that a drug was used intentionally. Not that drinking is a reason to assault someone, but it highlights the intentionality of the act to give someone a drug that would effectively confuse memory, sedate the person, make the alcohol look like an excuse…etc.

    More importantly, what these people did was even less about “consent” and understanding it, and bullying in its worst form. She broke up with the main fellow yes? And it was a gang of kids taught that they could do pretty much anything and not be punished for it. Instead of being raised to think in terms of empathy, it was entitlement.

    So yes, we have to teach consent and all those things. And we, yes we as a culture, have to look at what the values are we are teaching. Was Steubenville an aberration? I suspect most of us would like to believe that, but there are multiple incidents of bullying and sports starts getting out of trouble all over the country.

    We are suffering from emotional malnutrition in my opinion, and these acts are an example of the toxicity that is produced.

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