Congressman Uses Teaching Experience To Grade GOP Harshly


Mark Takano treated a Congressional letter as a student assignment, with hilarious results.

Congressman Mark Takano worked as a high school teacher before he went into government, and some skills you never lose.

So when the Republican party was circulating a letter condemning immigration reform and looking for co-signers, Congressman Takano treated it like he would if it had come from a 16-year-old. It did not fare well.

Below the large F adorning the top, Rep. Takano included such notes as “weak draft”, “The assignment was to address what should be done about the 11 million people already here. Did you purposefully leave this out?” and multiple notations that claims must be backed up by evidence.

Now, you may agree or disagree with Rep. Takano about immigration reform. You may even agree or disagree with his note that claims should be backed up by evidence. Regardless of your own views, though, you can’t deny the man’s got style.

Photo—AP/Mark Takano for Congress

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  1. Valter Viglietti says:

    When I think about GOP and the like (or, here in Italy, about “improbable” and hard-to-believe parties like Berlusconi’s or the Lega), I always wonder how the heck people listen and believe the BS they spread around. 😮

    And my only plausible answer is: human beings believe what they want to believe. :roll:
    When having to choose between an uncomfortable truth and a comforting lie, most will choose the latter.

    “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
    (Gloria Steinem)

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