Doug Flutie and John Elway are Comfortable in Their Own Skin

Think you know Doug Flutie?

You may know his “Hail Mary” pass but did you know that he once motivated his daughter’s soccer team by telling them they could paint his fingernails if they won?

How about John Elway? Did you know that his favorite thing to do is embarrass his kids by dancing in public.

Dove® Men+Care® has partnered with Flutie and Elway in their Journey to Comfort campaign where the football legends share the personal experiences—on and off the field—that have helped make them comfortable in their own skin.

Doug Flutie explains how at 5’10”, he was considered short in the world of pro football. Even though he was an underdog, he believes his size gave him an advantage and that advantage made him the man he is today. In being able to share is stories of how being short made him a step faster, a bit more agile, Flutie shows just how comfortable he is in his own skin.


Another cool aspect of the Journey to Comfort campaign is the Dove® Men+Care® Fan Bowl Photo Challenge. Head over to their Facebook page, and submit photos (you know those ones you’ve got stored on your cellphone) to participate in challenges set forth by the Quarterbacks in categories like “Most Impressive Tailgate Spread” or “Don Your Game Face”.

All submitted photos will be featured in an image gallery located on and the DoveMenCare Facebook page. The winners are awarded prizes like Bowl Game tickets and the chance to meet John Elway.

Very cool, Dove® Men+Care®!

This post was created in partnership with Dove® Men+Care®

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  1. Peter von Maidenberg says:

    Doug and John are comfortable in their “skin” – their bodies – because they are highly physical men who live fully in their bodies. What does this mean for most men? It means that sometimes, we need to learn to listen to the body over the mind – to have physical experiences that are pure, not tinged with mental impressions or emotional awarenesses. The rough discipline of pro sports is one way to that goal, but what is key to any approach is a discipline that not only moves the body, but makes the mind subordinate to the body.

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