Gorgeous Music Video Made with 2500 Hand-painted Photographs (Video)

This delightful music video takes hand-painted pictures and animates them using stop-motion.

We found this gem at Exp.lore in their Art & Design section:

Mental health break: Absolutely charming music video for Alice Russell and Quantic’s “Magdalena,” from the album Look Around the Corner, made of 2500 hand-painted photographs, cut and animated using stop-motion techniques by Spanish director Lucas Borras and Brooklyn-based production powerhouse m ss ng p eces.

Not only is this video beautiful and full of good music, it’s also very complex. I can’t believe all of these are painted photographs!

Thanks to our friends at Exp.lore for this fabulous video.

Photo credit: YouTube, “Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro – Magdalena”

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