How Would You Feel If These Stats Were True About Your Child’s School District? (Video)

What percentage of students in Philadelphia will go on to graduate from college? The answer will shock you.

A camera crew went to Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia to ask them one question: “Currently there are 150,000 students in the Philadelphia Public School district. Among these students, among these students, what percent do you think will go on to graduate from college?”

People offer their guesses and then after the answer was revealed, they gave some reasons why students might not graduate college or go altogether, along with ideas on how to encourage kids to further their education.

This video was created by 12+, a non-profit organization in Philadephia whose mission is to:

To empower students in underserved communities to attain a post-secondary education by partnering with high schools in building a college-going culture

According to their website, they are working on this mission by:

  • New PLUS CENTER which will serve as a central hub for all college, career and academic related services.
  • Academic support through after-school tutoring, standardized test preparation, and development of core reading and writing skills.
  • One-on-one mentorships focused on providing individualized support and guidance through the college application process.

If you are interested in learning more about what 12+ does, visit their website.

Now it’s your turn: was the stat lower or higher than you expected? Do you agree or disagree with the reasons that the participants gave in the interviews as to why kids might not be going to college? Do you think a college education is important in today’s society? If not, why not? And if so, what other ways can we create a “college-going culture”?

[Via: YouTube and 12Plus.Org]


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  1. kashdoller says:

    10%? Where do you get that number from? You could derive that number from anything really. Is this only accounting for students who went to high school in the actual city of Philadelphia for 9-12th grades and ignoring all the transfers out and transfers in? If a student goes for just 12th grade do they count for, against, or neither? What if a student goes for 9-11th grade but then transfers out, how do you account for that? Honestly we could go on and on.

    Me for example I was a product of Philadelphia schools from K-6, then my mother moved to south jersey. I’m a college graduate. In fact I’m in grad school. Does my schooling from K-6 have anything to do with my relative college success? Sure. But is that accounted for in this mystery 10%? Nope.

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