Indian Chef, Narayanan Krishnan, Blends his Love For Food with His Love For People (Video)

Narayanan Krishnan, called a companion to the forgotten, shows the world what it means to love people.

Narayanan Krishnan, once a chef for  Taj Hotels, Bangalore and a candidate for an elect chef position  in Switzerland, became disquieted by those starving in outside the Taj Hotel, while the quests were well served.  He resolved dedicate his life to helping those who were so obviously suffering around him. So he  quite his job and begin feeding and loving the poor.

He speks of the “Joy of giving,” —  a joy that our world often overlooks — where we find a deep contentment in focusing on the needs of other above (or at least equal) to our own.

See CNN Heros for more on this phenomenally generous and loving man.

Companion to the forgotten

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