“Oh Sweet Lorraine” The Love of His Life Died, but a Love Song Was Born

This summer Green Shoe Studio held an online singer and songwriter contest. Their goal was to tie into the local community and get a feel for the music going on in the area. The plan was for contributors to upload a video to YouTube and send the studio the link, but as Green Shoe Studio Producer Jacob Colgan explains they, “didn’t quite expect an entry like Fred’s.” Sent to the studio in a large manila envelope, the song titled “Sweet Lorraine” was written by 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh for his wife of almost 73 years who had passed away a month earlier. Green Shoe Studio not only put Fred’s lyrics to music, they gave life to one of the most touching love songs ever written.

Thank you to our friends over at Upworthy for sharing this beautiful and heartwarming video.




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