Men With Fancy Lady Hair: Gender, Gel and Mormon Prom


Why does sculpting men’s hair strike us as strange?

This is not the most original insight in the world, but: gender is WEIRD. And there’s nowhere that’s more obvious than the field of grooming.

Women are expected, obligated to engage in elaborate rituals of prettiness-maximizing. Multiple industries exist just to sustain, supply, and enforce these obligations and rituals. Men, on the other hand, have the inverse obligation. (Ozy’s Law strikes again.) If we show too much attention to grooming ourselves, our masculinity is suspect. This closes off possibilities for men, of course; there’s entire categories of plumage that we’re simply not permitted access to.

Which is why an article like Guys With Fancy Lady Hair is so interesting. Sure, men can style their hair, put gel or hairspray in it, but the kind of full-on hair sculpture that one sometimes sees on women is beyond the pale. It’s outside the realm of possibility.

And yet here these fellows are. Look at their pictures and ask yourself what about them looks strange.


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  1. Veronica Grace says:

    I LOVE the fancy man hair! I mean I think doing anything fancy to your hair no matter your gender is weird but these pictures just make me happy.

  2. I think guys look rather attractive with fancy hair. I love my boyfriend’s long red hair and would like to see some of those styles on him!

  3. Josh Magill says:

    I don’t understand why one has to single out a religion with “Mormon Prom.” Most of the Mormon faith don’t have an issue with long hair on guys. If they do it is a personal feeling, not that of the Mormon religion. I don’t see one called the Catholic Doo or the Methodist Mop.

  4. the men look wonderful.
    they look polished, elegant.
    the clothes less so. ornate hair, ornate clothing

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