Need Something to Fill You with Love and Hope? Watch the “Man Prayer” (Video)

“May I be a man who creates space rather than dominates it.”

That is one of the opening lines to this breathtaking video created by Tony Stroebel called “Man Prayer”, with words by Eve Ensler.

This video is a prayer and manifesto for all men about creating respect for all people, exuding compassion, and valuing vulnerability and emotions.

It’s beautiful and full of exactly what we love to talk about here at The Good Men Project: it’s about love, character, good relationships, and being better people to our kids, mothers, fathers, friends, and everyone else in our life.

Watch and be inspired.

About Deanna Ogle

Deanna Ogle hails from the greater Detroit area and her work has appeared in The Good Men Project, The Printed Blog, and Provoketive Magazine. She is studying journalism and religious studies, and writes at her personal blog Soul like a Spider. Loves: carnations, iced espresso, and watching movies with her husband. Find her at Twitter, Google and Facebook.


  1. Roger Torbert says:

    Powerful words, but I get an underlying feeling that I’m being told by a women how to be a man. One of the primary comments that stands out relates to “loving our mother”. In my observations, most of my male friends “loved” their mothers a bit too much. The overarching issue I see in parental relationships involving men relates to ten father/son relationship.

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