One of the Best Dad-ads Ever Made (Video)

Baby + dubstep + one flexible camera.

“Baby Charlie Ray goes for a tour of the house in GoPro’s commercial for Game Day!”

If you weren’t on an airplane flying home like I was and were actually watching the Superbowl, you might have already seen this ad. But for those of us who weren’t in the right geographic area to see  it, here’s some internet goodness for you.

According to the video’s description the whole commercial was shot on the Original HD HERO® camera from ‪ Ah, I love technology.


Photo credit: YouTube, GoPro: Dubstep Baby – Super Bowl Commercial 2013

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  1. Cool ad, but tell me – why is this a “Dad Ad”? Can you point to anything dad or men specific about it?

  2. Instant classic. And I love the look of trust and unruffled calm when he gets tossed in the air. I love it.


  1. […] This is just another example of great GoPro commercials. Who can forget the baby flying in his dad’s arms? […]

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