PHOTO: Police Officer Warms Homeless Man’s Feet and Our Hearts

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  1. Kirsten (in MT) says:

    That’s great, but what does he do the rest of the time? It would be interesting to know how many peaceful people he has put in jail for victimless crimes.

    • Are you kidding me? please tell us all you are kidding.

      What is your life all about if you can read a true story like this and all you can come up with is “what if”?
      What if. So What. My God!

      I never imagined I would I would read about someone pissing on the Cop (a Man) and his selfless deed.

      I had to come to GMP to find a Good Man being pissed upon. My God! And the comments of mine they delete. 50% of them, for pointing out ugly truths…but they let YOU publicly piss on this fantastic Man!

      I see you are a writer Kirsten. Put your true nature in-line with your keyboard where it will not hurt Good Men. Maybe write a text? I hear Wellesley is seeking one on “The Art of Hating Goodness in Men.”


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