The Country You Are Calling Holland Isn’t Actually Holland (Video)

The difference between Holland, The Netherlands, what is considered “Dutch”, and more.

I recently say to someone who lives in Amsterdam that I “visited Holland” and he sent me this video to kindly correct me.

This not only includes the misnomer of the country name, but also includes all of the other Dutch things halfway around the world that you wouldn’t ever guess are included in the Dutch world. Talk about confusing!

As it turns out, I visited The Netherlands and stayed in the province of North Holland.

Watch and be enlightened!

[YouTube, “Holland vs The Netherlands”]


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  1. Martin Cleaver says:

    It’s very funny, but more enlightening about use of language than about what places are actually called. The fact that the Dutch mean something different when they say “Holland” from English speakers is a common phenomenon. .it doesn’t make either usage “wrong”.

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