The Cutest Bulldog Puppy is Here to Make Your Tuesday Brighter (Video)

A cute bulldog puppy says hi to the camera.

Tuesday kind of sucks. It’s not Monday, but it’s not Friday and it’s just a reminder that your week has only gotten started. So, here is a great video to brighten your day a little bit.

When I saw this on Twitter I nearly keeled over with how adorable it is.

My favorite thing about this is how his ears go back when he whimpers! So wonderful. Also, does anyone else think he sounds like a mini-Chewbacca?


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  1. this is indeed adorable cuttie dog :)

  2. Can I have one?? I’m a sucker for baby animals

  3. ….it’s tagged under Sex and Relationships?

    Haha. =]

    And yes this is the moat adorable thing ever.

  4. stronguypetlover says:

    Too cute to see and not have one! A hug and a kiss from me, please. :-)

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