The Morning After Zach Came-Out, His Mom Left Him This Note.

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Ross recently graduated from Harvard Divinity School, where he studied Christian theology and gender studies, with a focus on masculinity studies. From central IL, he now lives with his partner in South Boston.


  1. I’m floored by this and other posts which make it seem that being kind and accepting is somewhat odd, or notable. It’s a scary world where a mother’s acceptance of her own son’s sexuality gains such traction on social media that it becomes ‘viral’. Has it become such a novelty that a woman accepts her child for being bisexual? This kind of media suggests that it is an anomaly, and that this mother has done something ‘special’ by simply doing what we should be doing as humans, and that is accepting one another rather than drwaing lines about what we can and cannot accept.
    Instead of superficially clicking Like on these articles, do something about bigotry in your everyday life, switch off the Opinion Talkback radio, unfriend people with a history bigotry on social media, speak up when you see injustice. Pressing like takes nothing, speaking up takes courage, and if we all start a little here and a little there, we will get to a point where we can say ‘So what?’ when we see a letter like this as it won’t be a novelty.

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