The Wood Turner [Video]

A beautiful short film of Leo, craftsman, bowl maker, sheep farmer in the UK.

Shot in a couple of hours on 2 separate afternoons, this is Leo who lives in a yurt with his partner and a variety of animals on the edge of Exmoor in the UK.

He is a craftsman of many talents, and this film shows him turning a piece of wood into a beautiful bowl using a traditional foot powered lathe (which he also built himself).

We started shooting on the first afternoon, but one of his sheep escaped, so we had to shoot the rest the following afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather was far from perfect and was actually raining lightly.

It doesn’t take him long to turn one of these bowls, and watching him work was a real pleasure.

— By Elliot Forge, on Vimeo. Hat tip to Javier Carrete for discovering.



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  1. Wow – what an amazing skill! To be able to make such a beautiful bowl out of a lump of tree is impressive! Leo seems so peaceful whilst doing it too. Makes me think why I’m running round trying to keep up with myself all day long.

  2. Neal Woodcock says:

    Beautifully crafted film and bowl. I like it in the blurb where you say, “but one of his sheep escaped, so we had to shoot the rest the following afternoon” Yikes! :-)

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