This May Be the Most Insecure Product Name We’ve Ever Heard of

Guess who wants to secure your manliness with MANscara?

Manly Man UK wants to secure your manhood and your fashion with their MMUK MAN Manscara.


A note from the product details says:

Upheld in its water resistant lengthening cream based formula are a few tricks of the trade to amplify your look, maintain your manhood and create a striking illusion, certain to attract.

As our Editor-in-Chief, Noah Brand, said, “MMUK stands for Manly Man UK, so the full name of this product is the Manly Man Man Manscara. I am not joking. That may be the most insecure product name I have ever even heard of.”

What do you say? Want to try some Man Man Man Man Man Manscara?

I personally am a sucker for men who wear eyeliner. So, I say drop all the words trying to enforce a fake manhood, and wear whatever it is–whether it be cologne, $5 CVS eyeliner or Manscara—like you’re proud!

Photo credit: Flickr / sophmeatsix.

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  1. Well, the website says that MMUK actually means Men’s Make-up UK. The whole name would then be Men’s Make-up MAN Manscara. Still a daft name in my book.
    Oh, and they also have Guyliner. 😉

  2. I wonder if think they were trying an approach similar to this one, i mentioned before in my comment-of-the-day (i awarded it to myself ;-D),

    “If someone like Mennen’s got out a deodorant, men would buy it. Present preparations have a feminine association most men only shy at.”
    According to Casteels research, the first deodorant for men was launched in 1935, put in black bottle and called Top-Flite, like the modern, but unrelated golf ball brand.
    “The Depression shifted the roles of men,” Casteel says. “Men who had been farmers or laborers had lost their masculinity by losing their jobs. Top Flite offered a way to become masculine instantly—or so the advertisement said.” To do so, the products had to distance themselves from their origins as a female toiletry.

    For example, Sea-Forth, a deodorant sold in ceramic whiskey jugs starting in the 1940s, “because the company owner Alfred McKelvy said he ‘couldn’t think of anything more manly than whiskey,’” Casteel says.
    And so anti-sweat products became a part of America’s daily grooming routine for both men and women.

    except it is absent a ‘good’ reason to be widely adopted, as happened with deodourant, ‘As with the products for women, advertisers preyed on men’s insecurities: In the Great Depression of the 1930s men were worried about losing their job. Advertisements focused on the embarrassment of being stinky in the office, and how unprofessional grooming could foil your career, she says.’

    • i forgot to add this bit:
      ‘Manlyman’ – nothing in the ad details suggests it, and i couldnt find their home world. Perhaps the name is tongueincheek?

  3. Well as a manly man type who is very much UK based – I think this is a non-starter – and it’s such bad marketing!

    Myself and so many other UK Men have been happily plumping our hairy bits with Clear Mascara for years. Options like Avon have been a god send. Boots No7 is also highly recommended. It has nothing to do with Metrosexuality even – it goes all the way back to the days of Glam Rock and The New Romantics – Think Simon Le Bon – Duran Duran and associates.

    MMUK MAN Manscara – No chance – It’s bad Business and over 30 years too late!

  4. I would extra not buy that and just go for whatever was available at my best corner store regardless of intended gender.

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